CF 4

CF 4

Hydraulic piling rig CF4

Provided with parallelogram to get more clearence under the rotary and have more reach to drill farer from the base unit. The CF4 can be also equipped with expanding tracks to improve the stability in whatever working position (especially when equipped in CFA mode for 12m depth). Moreover the excavator base Eurocomach ESP100 UR is provided with an overboost engine and a dedicated hydraulic plant which allows the new CF4 to fit a new rotary with double motors that exploits a torque of 45 kNm. The lenght of the mast permits to work with a 28m locking kelly bar, with the possibility to remove the upper mast section to reduce the total height and work in low headroom position under 6 m with a special “short” kelly bar for 15 m depth. With a max width of 2320 mm (in transport position), the CF4 can move in narrow places and restricted areas without problems.

OPTIONAL: The CF4 can be equipped with a special hydraulic device to lock the rotary head to the mast, and then push it down through special hydraulic cilinders, without moving the mast at all. This system allows to exploit a pull down force when the machine is equipped in CFA and Soil Mixing, instead of using a third winch or a moto-reducer with chain.

TOTAL WEIGHT14,5t – 16t *

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